Top 10 Salesforce Solution Companies – 2020

According to several surveys conducted by leading business advisory firms, millennials value superior and customised experience as much as or at times, more than the real products and services they purchase. To capitalise on this shifting client preference across the business landscape, Salesforce emphasised more on developing CX-enabled tools and AI-powered offerings to help them quantify the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns about the leading-edge metrics. At the same time, AI plays a critical role in enhancing automation and the efficiency of traditionally cumbersome tasks such as responding to customer service requests, and more.

Apart from AI-powered CX offerings, Salesforce also significantly works on integrations that enable smoother movement of customer data across multiple cloud environments and allow businesses to view their customers more holistically. And a large part in Salesforce’s success is played by its enterprise-grade data management and activation platform Salesforce Customer 360, which now facilitates the creation of unified customer profiles that can be used to provide hyper-personalised engagement experiences across multiple avenues. Similarly, Salesforce’s other products also help organisations make the most of their data and get closer to achieving their organisational objectives and sustainable business growth.

With continual technology improvements across the Salesforce landscape, organisations must choose Salesforce solution providers that not only help solve their business challenges but are also updated with the latest market trends. To assist organisations with the selection process, our distinguished panel comprising key decision-makers and experts along with CIOApplications Europe’s editorial board has shortlisted some of the most promising Salesforce solution providers across Europe.

We present to you CIOApplications Europe’s “Top 10 Salesforce Solution Providers – 2020.”


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