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Gianluca Ciminata presents us how Data Monetization could help all companies improve their business processes, using the facilities that IoT (Internet of Things) has to offer.

IoT offers data, information, and content in real time. For a lot of companies, the IoT has already taken its place as a concrete technology enabler. There are a lot of businesses that are well organized and have a compelling workflow but are disconnected.  The paradigm of intelligent objects obtained additional information, information capable of carrying businesses towards a wealthy and flawless performance.

The IoT boom, especially in the enterprise sector is restless. We live in a digital world that has to offer a lot of efficient technology and if we want to keep up with others, we shouldn’t wait to get ourselves involved. The offer is wide and varied but the doubt is spontaneous: once integrated, is IoT ready to be monetized through the presence of sensors, detectors and other applications of last generations? For this question, we have DOT to give us an efficient answer, which is no coincident that it operates in the IoT Data monetization, the latest addition of Seldon Group. The Cofounder & CEO, Gianluca Ciminata, is leading DOT. With a respectable curriculum on the IT field, Gianluca Ciminata covered prestigious roles in companies like EMC, Accenture, HP, Capgemini, Salesforce and SAP.

How was DOT born and what principals have?

“A young business. A startup that defines itself as a “Digital Workshop in the IoT world”, that already has within the essential faculties to support customers on their journey towards monetization through IoT. This is what we envisioned when we started this company. Our goal is to bring and implement the concept of “Internet of Things” in a variety of sectors. To do this we put at disposal a high level of “know-how”, and we are convinced that the ideas can become successful only if there are accompanied with the specific knowledge and experience. Today a lot of business actors express their vision of IoT, but few govern the process that goes from design thinking to the final project.”

The DOT approach towards the IoT is extremely businesslike. Within a month we move from concept to practice, demonstrating that the trend can come out of the hype that is surrounding it and find timely application in the broadest types of businesses: “The steps that lead towards the implementation of the IoT can be complex – continues Gianluca Ciminata – there is a high requirement of resources, capacity and the establishment of a relationship of trust with the business partner. Between users, models and products are required a constant flow, which marks the evidence and makes the goals transparent.” In this way, DOT aims to simplify the monetization of the Internet of Things, helping to better integrate the strategies, too often uneven and not aligned in those reports that should instead be able to communicate on the same wavelength. DOT, with this kind of approach, has been able to realize solutions called “Business Accelerators” which speed up the entry of customers into the IoT world, such as the Smart Retail solutions, to have a new Customer Engagement model that makes customers feel pampered in the physical sore of the Digital Board i4.0.

As the CEO points out again “The true value of the Internet of Things is to connect the element so they become part of the business process. A digitally intelligent environment is an environment which contains real advantages in various aspects of productivity. It is necessary to plan, build and manage resources in a different and innovative way, which has fallen into the world of new technologies. Currently, DOT is the only partner that has an overview of the IoT universe and proposes an end-to-end offer.”

Although it has only been operating since the beginning of 2018, the success stories of DOT are already relevant. They range from the projects in the segment from Retail / Fashion to Pharma to Telecommunication using the best technologies platforms like Salesforce, Amazon, Sap Leonardo that integrate with Search AI (Artificial Intelligence) solutions as ThoughtSpot considered the most innovative startup in 2018 in the world BI. All this proves that the IoT can fulfill multisectoral innovation requirements, without any limitations of application, rather capable of exalting itself in the most evocative challenges.

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DOT, come ottenere valore dall’IoT