In this age of digital transformation, Salesforce is becoming a new expectation impacting the broader ecosystem, as well as the teams, partners, and organisations that surround it. For instance, let’s visit a subordinary scene from a midsized business getting a call from a customer, only to realise that they have already talked to someone else in the organisation. Not dwelling upon how frustrating it gets for both the ends, the customers throughout, expect consistency when interacting across multiple departments of an organisation. Against this backdrop, Salesforce Customer 360 enables a single 360-degree view of the customer and the whole team of an organisation on one system, where anybody from sales, service, or finance can automatically log and capture information about the customer that’s simultaneously visible to one and all. With the perfect know-how to put customers first, Salesforce Customer 360 makes it possible for organisations to build positive customer experiences across every channel by pairing customers with the products and services that will keep them coming back.

Driven to unleash the true potential of Customer 360 with a mission to make customers successful and happy, Digital On Things (DOT) offers customers exceptional support and customisation on the all-cloud Salesforce platform. This Italy-based digital consulting company guides the clients right from the implementation process to the successful completion of the project by effectively communicating with both Salesforce and the rest of the organisation.

Gianluca Ciminata, CEO & founder of DOT, strongly believes that ideas can become successful only if they are accompanied with the specific knowledge and experience. To that end, the consulting company brings together the expertise of Europe and mentality of the USA and the Middle East to explore, design and industrialise the end-to-end business solutions using the best technologies of CRM. “Success of our clients is our main subject of focus and the key driver for our company,” adds Ciminata.

DOT reuses its experience in varied projects of communication, energy, banking, retail, finance to replicate its standard consulting approach.

The company generally uses a sales or service cloud with strong expertise in the areas of dashboard reporting, business intelligence, and Tableau. Besides its conventional analytics-driven customer 360 methodology, DOT also resorts to Hybrid Agile for standardising customer interactions. To better explain how the company’s approach and efforts over the years have been successful for many organisations using Salesforce, Ciminata goes on to highlight an instance. He talks about a telecommunication firm that experienced an increase in sales post using Salesforce, but their equipment information was not integrated with the SAP. DOT created a dashboard enabling the firm with a 360-degree view of their situation, giving the sales team access to all information in terms of the inventory to simplify their proposals for selling any equipment whether for 4G, 5G, or WiFi. Furthermore, DOT integrated the entire information with a revenue stream, in the same dashboard. “By integrating all the information of their equipment and mobile revenue with SAP, we enabled the client’s sales team to produce a full picture to its customers every time,” says Ciminata. Besides showing the client with every aspect of the process cycle, DOT’s 360-degree approach proposal also allows them to raise tickets that are resolved by the sales teams in no time, enhancing the overall sales positivity.

"Success of our clients is our main subject of focus and the key driver for our company"

DOT views every project as a partnership and is throughout ecstatic about the success their clients achieve. The company understands the complexities of the modern market and translates them into real business solutions. However, it is not DOT’s final aim to execute precisely what the clients ask for, thus ignoring the problem at the basic level, but still making way to the right questions that make the client revisit the business model, from the ground up. The clients really develop a keen understanding of DOT’s business before they deploy any of its solutions. This stand-out Salesforce expertise and precise business analysis have resulted in DOT having a successful workflow transformation. The implementation of new technologies and their integration with the platform has enabled improvement at the speed of client idea and at the standard of client specifications, on time and at a reasonable cost.

Over and above these, DOT strongly follows SDG compliance, ensuring all its applications and approaches are compliant to the 19 worldwide goals for sustainability. With that, the company additionally takes note of a client’s percentage achievement for reducing paper usage and more such environmental goals. DOT provides every employee with an adapter that personally captures their score and global purpose for each project.

In two years of its being in effect, DOT has already achieved a robust well-skilled team and an impressive certification on the Salesforce platform. It has further expanded in extra Europe, in Albania with stronger developers and consulting FARM. Further, the company has established an e-learning academy platform to improve the Salesforce knowledge of its clients and internally its employees. DOT has started a “Trailblazer PINK Academy” (only female PHD Engineering) in agreement with the Best University in Europe and in the USA where the candidate can start the Consulting Salesforce programme and within three months, become a DOT Employee. Being an ethical company before a technical one, DOT also works with a non-profit organisation, a school to share its coding capabilities and knowledge of the Salesforce platform for free. “Moving ahead, we have plans to open new offices in France and Spain, and a small R&D department in California. My idea of innovation coming from the US and knowledge or skills from Europe, still stands headstrong,” says Ciminata in his conclusive remarks.